Tax Return and Accounting Services

Leave all your tax returns, bookkeeping and accounting in our capable hands so that you can enjoy your well-earned rest. Or rely on us to put effective systems in place that automate your accounting and bookkeeping activities.

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How we help you with your tax and accounts

We know you started your own business to make a living doing what you love – and we admire you for it. We also know that you didn’t sign up for spending evenings and weekends sorting out your accounts and staying on top of your taxes.

That’s where we come in.

By setting up an efficient tax and accounting cloud-based system, like Xero, for your business, you have the luxury of tracking your finances from anywhere. And we show you exactly how to do it so that you’re empowered to reach your goals.

For example, did you know that you can log receipts with your smartphone? Whether you work from home, the office, shop or job site, we’ll show you how to make bookkeeping as simple as checking your phone.

We’ll help you find tax deductions you didn’t even know you could claim. Plus, having your taxes professionally handled means you can avoid costly mistakes and nasty tax penalties.

When we take hold of your tax, we work together to achieve the best possible outcomes across a wide range of tax topics, including:

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Company tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Income tax
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We understand tax liabilities

We know that running a business or organisation comes with concerns about tax liabilities.

Our combined tax and accounting services allow us to get a holistic view of your business.

We help you drive the transactional components of compliance, which helps your business show consistent growth. And when your business does well… we smile from ear to ear.

Partner with us to maximise your tax returns. Our tax expertise could just be the missing link in your business success. If you are concerned about your current tax position or need advice on an upcoming acquisition, we can help you by starting off with a full business review.

Our partnership - your success

Whether you own your own small or medium sized business, or whether you manage a not-for-profit organisation or Aboriginal Land Council, we apply our expertise to your organisation to streamline your accounts and keep you tax compliant.

Do you need help with your business and personal finances? Luckily, we do both, so you have the convenience of going to one person for everything. Contact one of our professional accountants today about your business needs.


Increased business efficiency for Sydney and NZ hair salon

“Christine gave me my life back. My business accounting is now easy. What usually took me three to four hours every week, now only needs 20 minutes of my attention every three months. She turned things around and saved my business.”

Empowering an NFP client with accounting solutions

“I have recommended Unity Accounting to a number of people. Their services are extremely professional and of high quality – particularly for small businesses like mine. And their costs are very reasonable.”

Effective accounting software for an Aboriginal Land Council

“She gave us our time back. But it’s not just with the wages and accounts Christine has helped with. She helped with everything from compliance to budgeting – she’s taken charge of all of our finances.”


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