Tax Compliance and Audit Preparations

At Unity Accounting, we have extensive experience in all areas of regulatory compliance and audit preparations.

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A foolproof approach

If you need to meet the requirements of a compliance standard or regulation, we can conduct a thorough review to check whether your organisation or business meets the tax compliance requirements.

Before your external compliance audit is due, our team of accounting experts will review your state of compliance to identify areas where you’re not fully compliant.

We work hard to make sure you have a clean audit trail. We have knowledge of all security policies and processes that play a significant role in managing audit trails.

If your staff or volunteers in your organisation are not fully aware of the policies and procedures they must follow to manage your audit trail, we provide the training.

We help you stay up to date with legislative and policy changes that might affect your auditing process. We also ensure that we’re aware of new or updated standards and rules that apply to your organisation.

Partner with us for no-drama compliance and audit preparations

We’ll partner with you for the long haul by putting easy to use business operation systems in place that ensure your organisation or business consistently follows the standard.

We’ll also help you stay on top of industry and legislative changes (and believe us, things can change quite frequently) so that your compliance and audit preparations always run smoothly.

If you are unsure whether you meet compliance requirements and you’re worrying about an upcoming audit, talk to us. Our team of professional accountants would love to help you.


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“Christine gave me my life back. My business accounting is now easy. What usually took me three to four hours every week, now only needs 20 minutes of my attention every three months. She turned things around and saved my business.”

Empowering an NFP client with accounting solutions

“I have recommended Unity Accounting to a number of people. Their services are extremely professional and of high quality – particularly for small businesses like mine. And their costs are very reasonable.”

Effective accounting software for an Aboriginal Land Council

“She gave us our time back. But it’s not just with the wages and accounts Christine has helped with. She helped with everything from compliance to budgeting – she’s taken charge of all of our finances.”


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