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Dedicated and caring
full service accountants

At Unity Accounting, we focus on more than just your numbers. Our dedicated accountants are bookkeeping and accounting solution experts, with experience in the fields of compliance and audit preparations, taxation and accounting, and bookkeeping and business operations.

If you work in a small to medium business, a not-for-profit organisation or Aboriginal Land Council, we know that preparing financial statements, spending hours on compliance admin and pulling your hair out over tax returns is not on your wish list.

That’s where Unity Accounting comes in. Taking care of your tax administration, bookkeeping, audit preparations and business systems is what we’re great at.

We have a deep understanding of the complex world of accounting along with a genuine knowledge of your unique industry.

We take a holistic approach to your business finances, and our foolproof process can sort out just about any numbers mess you might find yourself in.

Bring your shoebox with receipts – we’ll make sure you’re tax compliant. We’ll also put effective cloud-based systems in place so that you never lose sleep over your business accounting again.

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Expertise under one roof

Our expertise in the industries of SMEs, not-for-profit organisations and Aboriginal Land Councils means that we have developed unique skills to effectively overcome challenges that are unique to these industries.

By offering a wide range of solutions, from bookkeeping to virtual CFO, we have the ability to tidy up any mess, make sure you meet guidelines for grants, meet your milestones and comply with each and every tax law that applies to your business. Before starting work on your accounts, we already know what needs to get done and what challenges you face.

We set up business systems that help you keep track of all your accounts and we empower you to use these systems for the benefit of your business.

Our genuinely useful reporting puts you in a position to make informed and strategic business decisions.

The outcome for you is feeling empowered, as you’ll finally be on top of your finances, and your compliance matters will be in order.

By partnering with us, you have peace of mind knowing that we take care of all your accounts, bookkeeping and tax.

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Personalised service to educate and empower

It’s simple: because we genuinely understand the rules you have to follow in your industry, we know exactly where to start when taking control of your finances. We know what questions to ask and we know what cloud-based accounting systems will work best for your business.

We work together to understand each moving part of your business so that we can implement tailored, personalised solutions that empower you.

By partnering with us, you’ll never have to dread the taxman again, because we’ll lodge everything on time, avoiding those nasty penalties and only paying your fair share… not a dollar more.


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A meaningful partnership to grow your business

Your business growth is our priority. Our strength lies in your numbers.

We know that to grow your business, you need tailored bookkeeping and accounting solutions, done by a professional accountant who is proactive and can anticipate exactly what you need. We monitor your accounting systems continuously to discover new opportunities.

We build a meaningful partnership with you to track any problems so that we can solve them early on.

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Our values, your peace of mind

Our values are what drive us to achieve success for your business every single day. It’s the golden thread that runs through everything we do, which means growth, efficiency and peace of mind for you.

Respect and understanding. When Christine Hbous founded Unity Accounting in 2014, she built it on a solid foundation of respect and understanding. This has been a core value for us ever since, and it means in simple terms that we respect our culturally diverse clients and foster a deep understanding of the business and cultural aspects that make them unique.

Holistic approach. Our holistic approach to your organisation enables us to see the bigger picture and make future-focused decisions.

Problem-solving. No challenge is too big, because we’re big on problem-solving. Bring your messy shoebox of receipts and we’ll sort it out, no sweat.

Partnership and connection. Building true and meaningful partnerships means we can work in unison with you to achieve the best outcomes for your business. While there are certain accounting principles and rules set in stone, we also know that there isn’t one fit-for-all solution for accounting and bookkeeping services. That’s why a personalised connection with our clients isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential to achieve accounting solutions that will make your business flourish.

Educate and empower. And through all our endeavours, we place a big emphasis on educating and empowering you regarding your accounts and finances. You’ll sleep easy at night knowing that your compliance matters are in order and your accounts are set up and managed correctly.

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We truly care about your business

As your bookkeeping and accounting solutions provider, we are determined to deliver you the most favourable financial and systems-focused outcome.

We work together as a tight knit team to protect your assets while finding valuable opportunities to streamline your business finances. When you work with Unity Accounting, you won’t be treated like a number. We value honesty and integrity and living true to our word.

We look forward to getting to know you and your business. Our partnership is a crucial step in your business development.

Find out more about our team and our services, or talk directly to one of our bookkeeping and accounting experts today.


Increased business efficiency for Sydney and NZ hair salon

“Christine gave me my life back. My business accounting is now easy. What usually took me three to four hours every week, now only needs 20 minutes of my attention every three months. She turned things around and saved my business.”

Empowering an NFP client with accounting solutions

“I have recommended Unity Accounting to a number of people. Their services are extremely professional and of high quality – particularly for small businesses like mine. And their costs are very reasonable.”

Effective accounting software for an Aboriginal Land Council

“She gave us our time back. But it’s not just with the wages and accounts Christine has helped with. She helped with everything from compliance to budgeting – she’s taken charge of all of our finances.”


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