Accounting Software for an LALC That Makes Things Easier

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Up until early 2020, the management team at Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (DLALC) was frustrated at their state of financial affairs and the amount of hours needed to manage them.

With accounting software that did not make things easier and cost an arm and a leg, they knew there had to be an easier way to do things.

Enter Unity Accounting in July 2020, and the picture looks so much different today.

“Christine and her team gave us our time back,” says Kumarah Kelly, manager of people, workplace and governance at DLALC.

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An accounting solution that fits

Kumarah and the rest of the management team at DLALC work hard to invest in their community. Long hours away from home, making important community development decisions and putting the people’s needs first is all in a day’s work.

But the accounting software they were using was holding them back. It was not suited to the size of the business as it was designed for larger businesses, and the costs were through the roof.

In July 2020, Christine and her team took hold of DLALC’s accounts and financial affairs and introduced accounting software that was a perfect fit.

“I don’t have any accounting background, so I was completely out of my depth. And our accounting software wasn’t working for us. Our CEO had met Christine years before, and I had met with her earlier. So we asked her to help out. She started that Monday and turned things around quite quickly,” says Kumarah.

Moving on to a new accounting system meant rolling over so much information and data. “Christine did it all. She handled the setup and all the data. I did not have to worry about a thing.”

Christine also provided training for the finance officer, on the new software. They now have two people dealing with the bookkeeping and accounts instead of three.

“She gave us our time back. But it’s not just with the wages and accounts Christine has helped with. She helped with everything from compliance to budgeting – she’s taken charge of all of our finances.”

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From messy accounts to a clean audit in three days

Only three days prior to the DLALC’s scheduled audit, Christine and her team came on board.

“She just came in and started to work. I don’t know how she managed it… but we got a clean audit. She worked quickly.”

Christine and her team’s extensive knowledge of LALCs and council requirements played a big part in the success.

“It’s not just the hours of hard work Christine put into our finances, it’s also her knowledge of the council processes and all aspects of compliance and governance. If you don’t work in an LALC, you don’t really know the complexities of it. Christine knows exactly what she needs to know.”

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Trust in Unity Accounting’s advice

“After meeting with Christine and her team, I always walk away with a feeling of comfortability. I have so much trust in her advice. I know we’re doing the right thing and that she’s getting the work done. I always feel… like Christine’s got it covered,” says Kumarah.

“It’s not just Christine – it’s the Unity Accounting team as a whole. Their response is always immediate. As a team they’re really amazing. They have not disappointed once. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

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“She gave us our time back. But it’s not just with the wages and accounts Christine has helped with. She helped with everything from compliance to budgeting – she’s taken charge of all of our finances.”


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